Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hey everyone. I decided to post an outfit I wore last night. It's nothing special, but I got a request to do more OOTD/OOTNs on my blog. Anyway, I wore this to a venue last night where a band called Black Lips was playing. I probably should have worn pants because it was kind of chilly..Oh well though!
Soooo....the shorts are by the brand Roxy, and I got them from PacSun. They are called the Roxy Cut Off Indigo Short. My tank top is by the brand Free People and I got it a long time ago so I don't think you can find it anywhere, but yeh I like the whole tribal pattern happening on it. I'm also wearing a cardigan from Urban Outfitters called the Pins and Needles Sheer Cardigan in red. I really like it for summer and I've been wearing it a lot to work. I don't own many red clothing items so I decided to switch things up a bit. Also, I have on some sandals from DSW.

Monday, April 25, 2011

OOTD - Featuring PacSun

Hey guys! I hope you all had a nice Easter holiday. I went to Ikea for Easter...which is totally normal? hah Yeh, my life has been uneventful and I haven't seen much of my friends or family for a while now. Life can get lonely, but I try to occupy my time with work and shopping. Ugh..
Well, this is the outfit I wore to Ikea on Easter:
Top from PacSun, Levis, DSW sandals & an owl necklace from PacSun
I got the owl necklace from PacSun, but it looks like it's unavailable on their website. Maybe you can try and find it in stores? If not, I see owl necklaces all the time. So it's not like a rare find or anything.
The top is also from PacSun and it comes in 3 different colors. It's called the Kirra Smocked Bottom Challis Tube Top.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

OPI Done Out in Deco

I just painted my nails with OPI's Done Out in Deco. I've actually had it for a while, but I was finishing up my bottle of Essie's Lilacism, which I actually prefer over Done Out in Deco. I think it's a nice color for any season, but lavender shades are especially great for spring in my opinion. I'd probably like it more if it had less grayness to it. Overall though, it's a pretty nice shade and it covers well. I usually just do two coats and I'm good to go! I also love that it is a creme polish.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

John Frieda Full Repair Line

I have slowly been collecting different hair products from the new John Frieda Full Repair line and I'm finally ready to write up a little review. In my opinion, John Frieda makes some of the best hair products that you can get at a drugstore. Sooo when I saw that a bunch of new products were coming out I got pretty psyched.
John Frieda Full Repair Products
The first thing I purchased was the "Flyaway Tamer." I was so excited about this product because nothing seems to help the little hairs that stick up on the top of my head. After blow drying and teasing, the hair at my roots sometimes breaks and I've tried everything to keep them down. Before this, I was using pomeade or hairspray, but the John Frieda Flyaway Tamer works so much better. It's basically like a clear mascara. It literally has a mascara wand. The only con I can find is the product is very wet feeling when first applied and if you apply too much it will make your hair stiff feeling in some spots.
John Frieda Full Repair Flyaway Tamer
Before & After Flyaway Tamer use
The next product I tried from the line was the "Perfect Ends Deep Infusion." My ends are insanely dry and to make matters worse I am in dire need of a haircut. I normally use Redken Anti-Snap to moisturize my ends and help prevent split ends. The past couple of weeks I've only been using the John Frieda Deep Infusion on my ends and they look sooooo much better. My hair actually looks shiny for a change. After one use I could tell that it was going to be a great product. Another plus is that it actually protects your hair from high heat. So, some facts about the product:
  •  It is formulated for medium textured hair
  • Contains Inchi Oil which is rich in Omega-3
  • Safe for color treated hair
Literally the only down-side to this product will be the price at around $10.
You can see the serum consistency in my hand
Last but not least, I tried the John Frieda Full Repair Full Body Shampoo. I have bought this in place of my Redken Color Extend shampoo and I was so close to not purchasing it until I saw that it is also safe for color treated hair. That is always a huge concern for me because I dye my hair and highlight it every so often. To be honest, I have only used it one time, BUT after one use it made my hair feel so soft and less tangled. I I also noticed that it lathered really nicely. That's one thing I was missing when using the Redken shampoo. Anyway, the shampoo costs around $6. There is also a conditioner from the line, a root lifting foam, and a sheer mist spray for your ends. The whole line seems great and I also wanted to note that everything from Full Repair smells amaaaazing!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Essie's Turquoise & Caicos

Essie's Turquoise & Caicos is such a beautiful and unique color. I think it works great with any skin tone and it's a perfect spring nail color. Tribal shades are really in right now like tan, turquoise, purple, silver, etc.
Also, it looks like Essie redesigned their nail polish bottles. The color names are on the top of the bottles now and they added their logo in white on the side.
Anyway, let me know what you guys think of this color! : )

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mod Cloth Outfit Of The Day

Here is my OOTD from yesterday. I just got this top in the mail from Mod Cloth and I love it so much! It will be great to wear to work. I also wore black skinny jeans from Pac Sun, black peep toe flats from urbn, pearl earrings and a little purple flower pin in my hair that is impossible to see in the pic.

The top is really cute and has a ribbon bow that ties in the back. If you're interested in purchasing it you can get it on the Mod Cloth website by clicking here. It's called the Fog and Flowers Top and it was only $39.99. When you find something you like at Mod Cloth you really need to act fast because they rarely replenish their stock once items are gone. My problem is that size small is always out of stock.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette

First of all, I want to apologize for not updating this blog in over a month. I have been super busy with life. I actually just started full time with a web marketing company so I've just been adjusting to everything and I'm also having issues with my apartment and now I'm currently in the process of looking for a new apartment. So yeh, just a lot of stress and changes.
Onto what this post is really about...I purchased the Too Faced Romantic Eye palette not too long ago after I was getting bored with my Urban Decay Naked palette. I love all of the purples and pinks as well as the gold toned colors. It also has a lot of matte colors so I couldn't resist! The entire palette has wedding themed names and this time Too Faced left out the brush drawer. It still has a magnet closure and I personally find the colors to be much better quality than my other Too Faced Glamour to Go II palette.
The inside of the Too Face Romantic Eye palette
I actually find myself reaching for all of the colors in the palette, but the one color I reach for the most is Honeymoon. It's like an antique shimmery gold color which looks almost green toned. It's a great spring color and I love it with Ever After in the crease.
There is also "Soulmates" which is a shimmery cream color. "I Do" is a matte lavender gray color. "Un-Veil" is a matte soft black.
Then on the second row is "Kiss the Bride" which is a matte baby pink. "Cut the Cake" is a shimmery silver and "First Dance" is a matte deep purple.
Third row begins with "Bouquet Toss" which is a matte cream color. Next to that is "Honeymoon" (best color in the palette) which is an antique goldish-green color. "Ever After" is a shimmery deep bronze.
For the past 6 weeks or so I've been using just this palette everyday. I think it makes great eye looks for spring and I will continue to use it through summer. I also love that the eye looks can be pretty neutral which is great for my 9 to 5 job. I wouldn't say that I love it more than the Naked palette, but to me it has more wearable colors because none of the colors in the Romantic Eye palette are glittery. When I think of my Naked palette there are several colors that come to mind that I haven't even touched because of the mass amount of glitter in them. Like I said though, I find myself using every color from the Too Faced Romantic Eye palette.
It came with these cards on different eye looks. I've tried all of them out and my favorite is "Fashion." But yeh I definitely recommend this palette and it cost somewhere around $35 which I think is a great deal for the quality and quantity of eyeshadow given. Let me know if any of you have tried it or want to try it and what you think of it