Monday, March 12, 2012

NOTD - Zoya & Essie

Hey everyone! It has been forever since I've had a moment to just sit down and blog. I had to give up blogging for a while because I've been insanely busy with the holidays and then I moved to a new apartment at the end of January so that took a lot of energy and time. Anyway, I'm back! And hopefully I'll do a blog post every week or so.
In my Birchbox this month I received a FULL SIZE (!!!) Essie polish in "As Gold as it Gets." It's meant to be worn over other polishes. I've seen people where it over dark/blackish colors and it looks super cool. I already had a Zoya polish on that I actually got in January's Birchbox in the color "Kristen." So, I just put Essie's "As Gold as it Gets" right over top and I think it looks very pretty. I can't wait to try it over all different polishes! Hopefully it won't be too difficult to remove. I also wanted to note that the Zoya polish from Birchbox is my first experience with using Zoya and I thought it was a very nice nail polish. It lasts just as long as an OPI polish and it goes on smooth and dries super quick.
Zoya's Kristen - Cream polish in a gray color with a mild bluish hue. Covers fully opaque in 2 coats.
Essie "As Gold as it Gets" over Zoya's "Kristen"