Friday, November 25, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Glitz Blitz Nail Polish Strips

Hey everyone! I wanted to do a quick NOTD. I picked up some Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in Glitz Blitz from Ulta the other day and I almost forgot how neat these are. They seriously look like actual nail enamel, but last forever. Right now I'm feeling busier than usual so having nail strips on really cuts down on all the time I spend on my nails...I'm kind of a weirdo and if I get a chip I have to completely redo my polish. My only issue with these is...well they are a little pricey at $10 and by the cuticles it can kind of peel up if you didn't press down enough on the edges when you first applied the strips.
I also saw a display of new Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips at CVS and I picked up plum colored nail strips which I'll be applying next :)
Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips in Glitz Blitz

Also, I wrote a blog entry showing exactly how to apply these nail strips if you want to check it out: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips Tutorial

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  1. tht color looks awesome on u!!! i tried them, but they didn't quite stay on :( mayb i wasnt applying them properly...i'm just staring a blog and was wondering if u could follow me? i followed u...