Monday, March 12, 2012

NOTD - Zoya & Essie

Hey everyone! It has been forever since I've had a moment to just sit down and blog. I had to give up blogging for a while because I've been insanely busy with the holidays and then I moved to a new apartment at the end of January so that took a lot of energy and time. Anyway, I'm back! And hopefully I'll do a blog post every week or so.
In my Birchbox this month I received a FULL SIZE (!!!) Essie polish in "As Gold as it Gets." It's meant to be worn over other polishes. I've seen people where it over dark/blackish colors and it looks super cool. I already had a Zoya polish on that I actually got in January's Birchbox in the color "Kristen." So, I just put Essie's "As Gold as it Gets" right over top and I think it looks very pretty. I can't wait to try it over all different polishes! Hopefully it won't be too difficult to remove. I also wanted to note that the Zoya polish from Birchbox is my first experience with using Zoya and I thought it was a very nice nail polish. It lasts just as long as an OPI polish and it goes on smooth and dries super quick.
Zoya's Kristen - Cream polish in a gray color with a mild bluish hue. Covers fully opaque in 2 coats.
Essie "As Gold as it Gets" over Zoya's "Kristen"


  1. love the blue color polish! love love love your blog! so happy to have stumbled across it! I'm your newest follower hey-o! hope you will stop by mine and follow =]

    xo, Kelsey Belle