Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hooray for Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss!

I have been dying to do a blog post on the Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses! My favorite colors are Coral Reef, Pink Pop, Firecracker, and Lilac Pastelle. The line had been out for many years, but I never noticed it really until last summer when Revlon released brand new colors. I immediately purchased Coral Reef. I'm always drawn to coral colors and I think it's a great color for pale-skinned girls like me.
Left to Right: Coral Reef & Pink Pop (No flash)
Left to Right: Coral Reef & Pink Pop (w/ flash)
As you can see, my Coral Reef lip gloss is pretty beat up. I've had it for at least 8 months now. Just recently I decided that I should kind of step away from corals...hahah. I decided to get Pink Pop as well. I'm actually really pleased with it. I think I might even like it more than Coral Reef! These lip glosses are great because they are not sticky at all and they are pretty pigmented. You can do one coat for a sheer wash of color or dip the sponge about 3 times and get a color that is pretty true to the tube. Then again, the way the colors look will differ on everyone's lips depending on the color of your natural lips to begin with. I will probably by Firecracker and Lilac Pastelle soon too. It just seems like lately I'm moving away from lip gloss and more towards lipsticks. If you are in the market for a lip gloss then check out the Revlon Super Lustrous line...they are hands down the best drugstore lip glosses!

Revlon Super Lustrous "Coral Reef"

Revlon Super Lustrous "Pink Pop"

Hooray for lip gloss!

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