Friday, January 28, 2011

Mod Cloth & Pac Sun Dresses

Hi everyone! If you know me in real life then you are aware of my love for dresses. I have a lot of dresses! My favorite stores to buy dresses from are Mod Cloth, Pac Sun, and Urban Outfitters. Those stores are a definite reflection of my personal style. Also, I love Zooey Deschanel's style! It seems like she lives in dresses. I can totally see why...I mean, dresses are just so easy and effortless. I recently purchased a couple of dresses; one from Mod Cloth and one from Pac Sun.
This is the first dress I got. It's from Mod Cloth and it's called The Dream Vacation Dress. I love the ruffley top and the print is so pretty! It was cold so I wore black tights and black flats. If it were spring or summer I would totally opt for like strappy sandals and gold hoop earrings.
Mod Cloth Dream Vacation Dress
The second dress I ordered is from Pac Sun and it's by the brand Billabong. I actually own a lot of Billabong clothes. They have really cute things for girls! You can remove the straps on the dress and then it will just leave a sweetheart cut, which I find to be very flattering. I wore it with the straps in this pic and some brown Seychelles wedges. Oh and...I'm not really a jewelry person. I know that's kind of weird, but I like to keep it simple with pearl earrings and sometimes I'll wear a necklace.
Billabong Scripted Dress
Now for the dresses on my wish list. Who knows, I may have one of them soon since my birthday is coming up!

Dress #1: Mod Cloth Confetti Falls Dress
Mod Cloth Confetti Falls Dress
 Dress #2: Mod Cloth Tropical Impressions Dress
Mod Cloth Tropical Impressions Dress
Dress #3: Mod Cloth Memphis Style Dress
Mod Cloth Memphis Style Dress
Dress #4: Mod Cloth Night and the Kitty Dress
Mod Cloth Night and the Kitty Dress
Dress #5: Kimchi Blue Baby Doll Dress
Kimchi Blue Baby Doll Dress

So, how about you? Are you a dress person? What are your favorite stores to buy dresses from?

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