Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dark Circle Treatment

Hi everyone! I have been excited for this blog entry for a while now. About 2 months ago I purchased the Amazing Cosmetics Concealer from Ulta and it is now the only concealer I will use under my eyes. I first heard about it in a Michelle Phan YouTube video and was impressed by its coverage. You really only need a very very verrrry small amount and it covers amazingly. With other concealers you'd really have to cake it on and it would look unnatural. The Amazing Cosmetics Concealer doesn't need to be caked on to cover and it doesn't fade off and settle into the wrinkles under your eyes like other concealers I've tried. It was kind of expensive, but totally worth it.
Here are the products I use on a daily basis for my under eye care:

1. & 2. - I use either Yes to Cucumbers Eye Gel or Aveeno's Smart Essential Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment in the morning. These two items are meant for under eye puffiness. I prefer the Aveeno Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment because it has a little roller ball that's metal so when you roll it over your under eye area it actively de-puffs and helps with circulation as well as being cooling/soothing because of the metal roller.
3. C. Booth Black Licorice Eye Cream is what I use at night under my eyes. I apply it with my ring finger and it really just helps hydrate my under eye area. I'm hoping it will help prevent fine lines from forming. It also has avocado in it which is pretty cool!
4. My Amazing Cosmetics Concealer will cover any darkness I have under my eyes. For me, I can treat dark circles all I want, but I will still have darkness under my eyes because it is hereditary. My mom's side of the family has very dark under eyes....sooo I've had to deal with it forever. I remember in middle school kids used to comment on my dark circles and people thought I needed sleep. Well, I could seriously sleep for 3 days straight and still have dark circles. This is why I have given up trying gimmicky products and now just keep my under eyes hydrated and cover the darkness with concealer. It's about all you can do.
Before applying Amazing Cosmetics Concealer & After
Please comment and let me know if you suffer from dark circles. And if so, tell me what you use to treat them and conceal them.


  1. That really looks great! what a difference!
    XO Carrie

  2. Chilled cucumber slices can really help reduce dark circles under eyes. Just buy a ripe cucumber, put it in the refrigerator and then cut off two slices. Use these on the eye area for 15 - 20 minutes.

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  3. I actually was surprised on how small it is, the promo pics make it appear much larger (or really longer) than it is.

    Dark circle treatment