Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cover Girl Lash Perfection Mascara Review

I think it's about time I wrote a review on the newest Cover Girl mascara, "Lash Perfection." I just purchased a second tube of this mascara at Ulta today and that is extremely rare for me. I am constantly trying new mascaras so for me to repurchase must be good!
First of all, I have medium length lashes that are pretty straight and definitely not full or fanned out by any means. I really love the Cover Girl Lash Perfection mascara for its ability to separate each individual lash giving a fanned out, feathery full effect, which is exactly what I'm looking for! I don't think this mascara is meant to provide any curl effect, but if I curl my lashes first with an eyelash curler and follow with this mascara it holds the curl all day. I also think it's great for lengthening your lashes without clumping or making your lashes look spidery. I haven't had any flaking or smudging and I love that the brush is not fat like the CG Lash Blast mascara so it reaches and coats the inner lashes and lower lashes really well.
I definitely think this mascara is better for a daytime look and creating a defined lash effect. It doesn't provide any dramatic volume or anything like that so when I am going out on the weekends I will do a second coat over top with Maybelline's One by One mascara.
A description of the mascara says, "Our innovative brush surrounds each lash with our amazing conditioning formula so each lash is individualized and volumized!" What I have noticed is that it really does have some sort of conditioning formula because my lashes do not fall out when I take off my mascara. It keeps them strong and soft...not brittle and breaking off!
Also, I should mention that the brush is made up of rubber bristles which I normally don't like, but the wand and brush are really sturdy unlike Maybelline's Define A Lash wand which is super flimsy and hard to control.
So if any of you are in the market for a mascara that creates feathery full and long lashes then check out Cover Girl's Lash Perfection mascara.

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